Well, here you have the next page. This time I’m in charge alredy of everything and uploading all by myself.

I’m really sorry about the size, but there isn’t much I can do right now since this page and the next 2 ones are alredy drawn. For the new ones I’ll try to draw bigger panels and use a bigger size of text, and I won’t be using MangaStudio probably, because I don’t think I will make a printed version in the future.

As I promised I will finish this chapter and after that I will decide if I continue with this comic or not, or what will I do to be able to update on a regular basis. I’m really gratefull for the comments I’ve read in the chatbox so far, and I’m glad all of you like it or think the comic is funny ^^

For now… Enjoy boobies! xD

And abs…