Do you want to see more of the gals sexy misadventures? Well, this train ride ain’t free to produce. But do not despair! Now you can enjoy the high resolution comics as they were meant to be viewed, in digital format indefinitely, for the same price as a standard month of membership at! ($4.99)

Part of the proceeds will go directly to Prettío for producing this in the first place, and the rest will go toward financing future installments of the comic! That’s right, if we make enough sales for me to commission additional pages of the comic, it will resume on an erratic basis. The comic was never meant to be a weekly/monthly thing, but we were still hoping to produce more of it than we have until now. So, head over to DriveThru RIGHT NOW and get your copy of the first chapter TODAY. Who knows, we might finally be able to finish chapter 2 if we get enough people purchasing it. 😉