Hello there, you crazy kids. Welcome to the new and improved (?) Mocaccino Gang website! As promised to Patrons of Ship in a Bottle and a few other places, I have delivered unto you the site where this freight train will keep on chugging. Now, Prettío is working tirelessly on our other projects, but she has expressed about as much interest in continuing Mocaccino Gang as you have in reading it, and if I am not mistaken, she has three more pages that were never published at Frilly Pink (which will be serving as a sort of “hub” site for the immediate foreseeable future, so stay tuned for that). So hopefully, once she gets up to speed on how to make this page work better, she will be able to submit those.

One bit of bad news is, due to the nature of the software and format we’re using, the re-published pages are at CONSIDERABLY lower resolution, and were originally optimized for the much larger space afforded by the old paysite. In the future, I am sure pages will be formatted with this new size in mind. I also placed some random artwork from the series around the page here and there to make you all feel at home. As for the color scheme, it’s based on the horrific uniforms that Joel decided to humiliate the girls with. It’s a sort of cross between slutty-cocktail-waitress and corporate barista/coffee shop waitress. 😉

Anyway, I am personally looking forward to seeing how the rest of the series turns out now that Prettío has had the shackles of our credit card processor taken off. However, as always, if you want to help us move things along at a better clip, you can always assist our Patreon (well, MY Patreon, but it comes out to the same since I am using it to hire Prettío full-time, right? XD). I’ll add permanent links to that later, once folks are looking around this place more regularly.

Until then…


P.S.  Also, you will see one or two of my own ads up in here as I technically commissioned the first one-and-two-thirds chapters. So, enjoy!